Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist Church

Publicity Request Form

Publicity Request Form
Announcements need to pertain to church functions.  Please print and fill out the form(s).  If you are requesting multiple media types please fill out additional forms for each type.  Completed forms may be turned in to Rosie Redding or Susan Karppala.  Forms must be turned in no later than 3 weeks before print or media deadline date.  This will mean your department must submt  the request 5-6 weeks (preferably more) before the actual event. There will be a box in the foyer for this purpose.  If it is close to the deadline it would be wise to hand deliver request forms to either Rosie or Susan.     

There is no guarantee for publicity if it is tuned in after the deadline date.  No publicity will be made for events if a request form is not filled out.  Art for your ad, poster or flyer is greatly appreciated.  Please email to  If you have any questions please call me at 642-8453.
Choose type of publicity you are requesting:
NewspaperRadio TV PowerPoint Web  Poster Ad Flyer
Publicity start date:

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Place of Event:
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Print Specifics (for posters and flyers only -- your department will be charged)

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Print Size:
8.5 x 11      4.25x5.5 (bulletin insert)      11 x 17       Other
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 Please use the back side of this form to sketch any of your ideas or layouts!  It greatly helps!
 If you have any questions call Sue at 717-642-8453 or email