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April 2007- Feb 2008

April 2007- Feb 2008
Pastor Conrad says:

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Continuing the  Fight against Depression?


Many in the community are benefiting from Dr. Nedley’s Depression Recovery Program held at the Gainesville Seventh-day Adventist Church on Monday nights. This past week we learned how a “night person” could fix circadian rhythm problems, benefit brain function—and in turn, alleviate depression. 

The subject this Monday at 7 PM is “How Nutrition Benefits the Brain,” where we will uncover the clues that suggest that a nutritional problem could be causing a person’s depression. This is one of the most neglected areas of depression treatment and can be the single factor that keeps some from full recovery—even if they are taking drug medications such as antidepressants. We will also learn the type of diet that supplies crucial nutrients such as folic acid, omega-3 and tryptophan. Food samples and recipes will be prepared and shared—all incorporating the concepts from the night’s topic. 

We discuss herbs that may benefit brain health and treat depression, along with the secrets of healthy weight loss and the hidden dangers of obesity. Cholesterol levels are an important gauge that can reveal a positive or negative direction for overall health. Learn the vital role diet plays in the health of the mind and body.

For more information about the Nedley program and to a reserve materials, phone Gwen Bigham at 334-4947.

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The Secret Weapon to Fight Depression


Dr. Nedley’s Depression Recovery Program continued this past Monday.  We learned of the dramatic impact depression and other mental health disorders are having on our country and world.  There are ten major categories of causes for depression and depression results when a person has four of the ten “hits.”  We learned the nine questions for determining if a person has depression as well as how to “depression-proof” your children. 

This Monday night , February 18, Dr. Nedley will reveal the “secret weapon” which not only helps treat depression, but more than 90% of all diseases!  We’ll also detail the way a “night person” can be cured of their circadian rhythm disorder.  More powerful strategies will also be featured, like the powerful, positive effects of avoiding negative thoughts. 

These simple, practical remedies have helped so many of his depressed patients and they can help you!  Come learn to help yourself and others achieve full potential.  The program begins at 7:00 PM. 


For more information about the Nedley program and to a reserve materials, phone Gwen Bigham at 334-4947.

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Identifying Depression and It's Causes

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the last week of January, 4, program directly, Gwen Bigham,  educated us on the causes and cures of depression.  In the film, Dr. Nedley stated that, “Depression is reversible.  It does not have to be tolerated as a lifelong condition with its miserable effects.” 

Starting Monday, February 11 at 7:00 PM, we will begin an 8-week series on overcoming depression.  The title for Session 1 of this stimulating series is “Identifying Depression and Its Causes.”  The public is invited to attend.  In this comprehensive program, you’ll find the help you need to feel rested and have a renewed energy level. 

For more information about the Nedley program and to a reserve materials, phone Gwen Bigham at 334-4947.

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Holiday Blues? A Natural Way to Beat Depression
More than 19 million people suffer from depression in the U.S. annually. During or just after the holidays those feelings can intensify. Holiday depression can be brought on by many factors including unrealistic goals, added financial stress, family expectations, change of schedule and eating patterns. Depression manifests itself in many ways, including sleep disturbances, irritability, sadness, hopelessness, sluggishness, forgetfulness and lack of energy. According to Dr. Nedley, M.D. a depression specialist, just a few basic lifestyle changes can help sufferers break free of the trap of depression whether they are suffering from seasonal, mild to severe depression.

Most of us change our diet during the holidays but we have a tendency to change towards the negative by overeating and eating too many sweets. Still, changing your diet for the better can be the first step on the path to losing those blues. Depression is caused by many factors but one common theme is that whenever a person is depressed there are decreased levels of three neurotransmitters; serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. Most antidepressant drugs raise one of these levels but the only drugs that raise all three also have a high risk of side effects. Nature, though, has provided you with the perfectly safe way to raise all three neurotransmitters. It is important to note that Nedley does not recommend making any medical changes to those already being treated for depression.

Neil Nedley, MD, author of Depression: the Way Out, says one answer is omega-3. Studies have shown that omega-3 is nature's way of fighting depression. When a person is depressed the body begins to crave omega-3. If it doesn't get what it craves then you fall further into depression; if it does get the needed omega-3 your body will begin to heal itself.

The tricky part is getting the omega-3. "Most people who get omega-3 in significant quantities get it from cold-water ocean fish. The downside to this is that fish are also high in mercury and pesticides, and mercury is a contributing factor to depression," says Nedley. "The best way to get the omega-3 you need is through plant-based sources." The number one source of omega-3 is flax seeds. But let's face it, not many people eat a lot of flax seeds every day. The number two source is English walnuts, but again those are more of a delicacy in today's average diet, not a staple. And you need about 3,000 milligrams of omega-3 daily to boost those neurotransmitter levels up where they need to be.

Recommending the proper type and amount of omega-3 is just one of the many ways Dr. Nedley has helped thousands of people out of the pit of depression. Nedley has devoted his life to discovering ways to combat depression and help people rid themselves of this debilitating condition. He shares his nutritional, lifestyle and spiritual plan in a free, comprehensive, Depression - Recovery Introductory Seminar now offered by Gwen Bigham, a certified Program Director of the Dr. Neil Nedley Wellspring Depression Recovery Program. Nedley's, Wellspring Clinic is known worldwide for its high rate of success in the treatment of depression.

This free, informational seminar, hosted by the Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist Church, will be available to the general public, free of charge at these four locations.

  • January 28 at 7 PM at the Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist Church located at 1495 Biglerville Road in Gettysburg.
  • January 29 at 1 PM at the Rose Garden Natural Foods at 39 West Street in Gettysburg.
  • January 30 at 7 PM at the Gettysburg YWCA.
  • January 31 at 7 PM at the Gettysburg Hotel Grand Ballroom on the square.
For more information about the Nedley program and to a reserve materials, phone Gwen Bigham at 334-4947.

Gettysburg Times Registration Info

Adventists Announce Pre-K/ K

and 2007-8 Registration

(Pictured above: Franklin Stahl, Principal and 5-8th grade teacher, Candy Reichert Full-day, Pre-K/ Kindergarten Teacher, Andrew Easley, (left) 1-4 grade teacher)

The Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist School announces the addition of a full-day Pre-K (age 4) and Kindergarten to their already 1-8 grade elementary school. Candy Reichert, of Gettysburg, is to be the home room teacher for the Kindergarten. Candy is a member of the Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist Church, pastor's wife and mother of 3. She has worked in children's ministries for over twenty years.

Franklin Stahl, principal, also announces the school's registration day for Sunday, July 29th at 1 PM. The Gettysburg Adventist School is a Christian school which is open to children of all denominations as well as to those with no church affiliation. The school is part of the Adventist Education System which is the largest Protestant school system in the world, known for it's 'Excellence in Education', philosophy.

Prospective new enrollees are asked to bring birth certificate, immunization record, health insurance information, address of previous school, and last report card. Application form, tuition information, financial aid assistance and other information regarding the school can be found at . There will be a limited supply of used uniforms, in selected sizes, available at no cost to prospective students.

The church-subsidized, yearly tuition for full-day, pre-K and Kindergarten is $2,500 and $2,200 for elementary school (member discount and financial aid is available). The registration/book fee of $250 is due on day of registration for Pre-K through 8. Busing information and sign-up for piano, voice, band, after-school care and other extra-curricular activities will be available on day of registration.

A Meet the Teachers Fun Day is planned for prospective students on Thursday, August 2 from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. More can be learned about Adventist Education and the school at and and by calling 334-8292 or 338-0131. The school is located at 1493 Biglerville Road in Gettysburg.


Frank S. reports. . .

Church Family,

Kay's doctor reported yesterday that the latest scan and blood work reveals no signs of cancer!!!

I think we can all agree to...
PRAISE THE LORD!  He is so good!!
We are all overjoyed for the Stahl Family
and thank God for Kay's witness 
throughout her treatment!

Hopes, Growth Riding On Small Evangelism Meeting In Egypt
 Cairo, Egypt .... [Taashi Rowe/ANN]
Seventeen people who have committed to joining the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Egypt at an ongoing evangelism meeting are providing at least some hope for the church's future here.

The six-week series in Cairo has brought attention and new interest to the Adventist Church in Egypt -- which the church's president for the country, Samir Berbawy, describes as dying.

Officially there are 840 Adventist Church members in Egypt, but Berbawy says in reality about 200 members are active in the country of 75 million people.  -more-  (Please PRAY)

    Don Hershey is Still in Need of Prayer

While the news is good that the cancer has not metastisized he is still in need of our prayer as he goes under another surgery to remove the tissue that is causing him trouble.

ADRA Observes World Refugee Day

Today, June 20, ADRA joins the international community in observing World Refugee Day, a day that honors the courage, persistence, and strength of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) around the world. (MORE)

Pictured above, Gettysburg Brigade Pathfinder Club in the Gettysburg Memorial Day Parade 

Memorial Day, 2007

Remembering our military past and present.  Together we honor the men and women that have offered their service, skills, talents and even their lives to preserve the way of life we enjoy in this country.  Currently, many of our troops are in far away lands offering those same God-given assets to the Afghanistan and Iraqi people, as well as elsewhere in the world.  We can all agree these men and women are making a huge sacrifice, in many ways, for the goodness of liberty. For this reason, we give our thanks, and most of all, our prayers for God's protection and a safe return.  May God bless our troops. 

Please especially remember Kevin Ross in your prayers.  He is in Iraq.  The past weeks, his young wife, Jill, the  mother of 4, (remember she had twins about a year ago!), has had some serious medical trials.  How difficult it must be for Kevin, to be unable to be with her.  Please email me if you would like the address(s) to offer your support.  


Permission is pending.


Don't set 'thou shalts' in public stone, Adventists say
By Manya A. Brachear Tribune religion reporter May 5, 2007

Wearing red T-shirts depicting two stone tablets and the slogan "Put them back in hearts and minds," Rev. Jose Bourget and a dozen more Seventh-day Adventists descended on Daley Plaza on Friday to hand out booklets titled "Ten Commandments Twice Removed."

They also invited passersby to go to the Arie Crown Theater this weekend for two days of preaching that will pay tribute to each of the 10 "thou shalts," celebrating the notion of God's guidance carved in stone.

Yet the Adventists don't think the tablets should be displayed in courthouses and schools, a cause adopted with enthusiasm by other religious groups.

On the contrary, they believe the 10 Commandments provide life's most reliable and enduring road map and therefore should be posted primarily in the heart.

So as other Christian and Jewish leaders assemble in Washington for the second straight year to support placing the commandments on government buildings, Adventists are hoping to counter that effort with a different perspective.  More

The Gettysburg Adventist Pathfinders
aned up their adopted portion of Hanover Road on Sunday April  29th.  Way to go Pathfinders!  Some of the Pathfinders reported that there was less trash this year compared to last.  They have been cleaning this roadway since about 2002 when they adopted the highway.