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2008 Sermons

2008 Sermons
Thank you for visiting our audio sermon page.  Here, you will find sermons you can download and listen to from your computer, burn to compact disc for a CD player or load to your iPod or MP3 Player.  If you hear something useful, pass the link on to others! 

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Title Speaker Date Type
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The Quest Pastor Conrad 12-13-08 Audio
The Two Prayers Pastor Conrad 12-06-08 Audio
Along for the Ride Paul Wiesner 11-29-08 Audio
Sheaves of the Desert Pastor Conrad 11-15-08 Audio
If They Will Listen Cap Ross 11-08-08 Audio
RIP and no sleep walking Pastor Conrad 10-25-08 Audio
Without A Doubt Tyree Berlin 10-18-08 Audio
Seek Ye First Capp Ross 10-04-08 Audio
Be Like a Tree Susan Marcellino 09-27-08 Audio
Andrew Easley's Testimony Andrew Easley 09-20-08 Audio
The Greater Blessing Conrad Reichert 09-13-08 Audio
The Owner Conrad Reichert 09-06-08 Audio
Surviving the Coming Crisis Conrad Reichert 08-30-08 Audio
Success Conrad Reichert 08-23-08 Audio
Victorious Conrad Reichert 08-09-08  
Led By The Lamb Conrad Reichert 08-02-08 Audio
The Bystander Effect Conrad Reichert 07-26-08 Audio
Cake Disaster Conrad Reichert 07/19/08 Audio