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Ten Questions About the Full Plate Diet

Ten Questions About the Full Plate Diet
1. There are a lot of diet books, so what’s special about this one?

It’s based on a simple, powerful concept — dietary fiber. “It’s what Mom always told us to eat — fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.”

2. So, what about meat? Can I continue to eat meat on this diet? 

Sure, just eat your vegetables first. You’ll understand why later.

3.  How does The Full Plate Diet work? 

Fiber fills you up and you’ll eat fewer calories. Fewer calories means you lose weight. The beauty of The Full Plate Diet is you don’t have to count calories — they take care of themselves.

4. If this program is about fiber, does the food taste good? 

It’s the best-tasting food you’ve ever eaten. Seriously.

5. Can I begin the diet without making a lot of changes? 

Yes, the key is adding more fiber foods to what you already eat. We will show you how easy it is.

6. Is there any research that supports the diet? 

Lots of medical research supports fiber as a proven way to lose weight and stay healthy.

7. How much and how fast can I lose weight? 

Weight loss is the result of eating fewer calories than you burn. How much and how fast you lose is up to you.

8. Why is this better than other diets I’ve tried? 

Most diets are a quick-fix and each of them comes with a backlash. Because you’re making small changes, it’s easier to stay on The Full Plate Diet.

9. Can I keep shopping at my regular grocery store? 


10. Can I stay in my food budget? 

Good news! The Full Plate Diet will probably cost you less than you’re currently spending on food.