Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist Church

Community Service


Gettysburg Adventist is a member of ACS or Adventist Community Services.  ACS is one of the most organized and efficient disaster response teams in the United States.  It's large network of volunteers enables large scale disaster relief in areas where others cannot get to fast enough.  ACS was a key player in getting relief to recent hurricane victims and was on the scene distributing aid well before many governmental agencies in some areas.  If you've seen the folks in the yellow shirts on national news reports on relief efforts, you've seen ACS in action.  ACS has received national recognition for it's dedication to disaster relief by many  presidents, including Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Carter. 

There are plenty of great opportunities to get involved in community service activities right here in Getttysburg.  Members are involved in disaster preparedness and relief efforts, Tender Care Pregnancy Center, Homeless Shelter, SCAPP, MS Walkathon,  and more. Our yardsales have become famous in our neighborhood for our selection and super values for low income families.  Our day-old bread program is helping to make use of perfectly good store baked breads and pastries that go to SCAAP and the Homeless Shelter. Our participation in the Gettysburg Soup Kitchen and yearly holiday food baskets make a big difference in the lives of many.

Part of being a good neighbor is providing services to our surrounding community.  If you have the gift of helps, this is where you need to be!   Why not get involved? 

Dottie Poulsen – Community Service Coordinator