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Pathfinder Bible Achievement

This year we are studying Jeremiah 1 - 38.

Study Resources:

 Interested people may help to make questions from each chapter and verse. Many hands make light work! The more the merrier!  

For more information on how YOU can help,  Please contact the Pathfinder Director at:

Competition Dates Level
February 6, 2010  Area Bible Achievement Seventh-day Adventist Church
February 20, 2010 PA Conference Bible Achievement Seventh-day Adventist Church
March  20, 2010 Union Bible Achievement Gettysburg Seventh-day Adventist Church
April 17, 2010 NAD Bible Achievement Pioneer Memorial Church, Andrews University, MI
Practice Dates Time Locaton
Sabbaths To be determined At the Church
 Study to show thyselves approved:   
Jeremiah 1 - 38




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